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Fireproof & Acoustic Panels B.V. Under its own management, FAP develops and produces noise-reducing and absorbent panels that also comply with the highest fire-resistant requirements.


The FAP team consists of specialists with a great deal of experience with noise-reducing constructions for both utility construction and application along railways and motorways. We are obviously fully familiar with the existing standards such as the GCW2012/CE 14388 and instructions as described in the ROA (design guidelines for motorways).


The products developed and produced by FAP suffice with regard to the building decree, and the products are all or have all been tested by accredited laboratories such as Peutz, Efectis or Caubergh Huygens. Various reports can always be consulted.

The raw materials used largely consist of inorganic materials (non-flammable) from recycled materials such as expanded glass beads (see so the environment is not impacted. These raw materials accordingly contribute to the German ‘Der Blauer Engel Urkunde’, which guarantees the health of the environment/people.

The production output of the installation is unlimited and can satisfy all demands from the market. With the marketing of these environmentally friendly products, FAP contributes to ensuring a healthy environment and living environment, on the one hand because the products consist of recycled glass, and on the other by reducing noise pollution so people are spared a harmful living environment.

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